Robert M. Berger is an Amsterdam based Director of photography (DP) who has
established himself in the feature film, commercial, videoclip, documentary and
corporate film industry.

In his 20 years as a cinematographer, Berger has shot projects all over the world.
Although he’s a cinematographer in general, his speciality is light and movement.

He is calm, open-minded, creative, and is known to think outside the box.
He works close with the director, and enjoys his time with the actors.

Robert M. Berger says,
“The beauty of my profession is:
Whatever kind of equipment, whatever kind of format or frame, I’m allowed to tell


He started his career as a light-assistant and grew up to be a gaffer in the
nineties. In 1992 he changed his career to lighting-cameraman/DP, and shot his
first feature film “liefde in ritme”, directed by Guus van Waveren, on 16mm Agfa
film stock.

He recently shot the feature films “Vrijspel” in 2010, directed by Karim Traidia, as
well as “Caged”, directed by Stephan Brenninkmeijer, in 2011.

He has shot many short-films. One short-film had won out of 6,000 competitors,
The Paulo Coelho Experience, “The Witch of Portobello” contest.

He has shot commercials for Philips, Starline, Swis-sence, Jumbo Supermarkten,
Histor verf, among many others.

Corporate films for Philips, Daf trucks, Friesland dairy foods, Heineken, TU Delft,
Bosal, Belastingdienst, Kamer van Koophandel, Hooyer containers,…….

Video clips for, Tulp  / Zuco 103/ Sundance Club / Van Dik Hout / Noa  / Touchin Tonques / Blinq Inq / Replay / D-Ground /Miss
DEE/SIR/Pam Feather/Angelo King/Nermina/ Monsif

Documentary’s, De verloren Soldaat, E.O 1996 / Copyright Mens, NCRV 1999 / Sorg aan den Aemstel 400 jaar gezondheidszorg 2003 / 26000 gezichten 2004 / Esther WK bokser uit Wognum 2005  / Who is a fraid of Tinus Smits 2006 /Peerke

Donders,2008 / Kors Keuze 2009
You can find more information on the CV page about his work, TV drama and specials.
He has his Own RED Epic-X 5K digital cinecamera, Red One 4K digital cinecamera,
GoPro HD and Canon 5D, all equipped with his own set of lenses.